Web Designing Company Singapore, Web Hosting Company, Custom Software Applications, eCommerce websites

Web Designing Company Singapore, Web Hosting Company, Custom Software Applications, eCommerce websites

How much does cost to design website Singapore

We all stumble upon about cost to build a website was a complete mystery to us at all. there is no such web design price list. Because all the web designs are depends the designer and client's expectations.

Would it be $300? $900? $3000?

Or even more to need to pay?

Shall we know, where to get a website design cost calculator. We should know at-least how much does it cost to build a website for a small business.

What is the average cost of website design for small business.

Then in the end,

how to decide how much does it cost to design a website? how much does it cost to maintain a website ?

When we decided to having an online identity to show our professionalism, we even don't know what the first step is to bring a website. We have no proper knowledge how to make ourselves, so building even a basic website on our own was completely out of the scope now.

While you look around the web and there will be a few helpful articles about the cost of building a website. While those did give us a few reference points, they were focused on the costs of building custom websites.

At that time, a custom designed website might be in our future, but we were not ready for that kind of financial, mental and time commitments just yet.

Cheapest web designing in Singapore : We got a lot of emails from India/China/Freelancers as they can make a website for us even S$200. Really good is it? Cheapest web designing in Singapore is feel like tasting a raw honey. We agreed with one of a freelancer for S$250 for our 5 page website. Just a basic style but at least better for nothing.

They promised we could get unlimited storage for 1st year & the google search engine will find it within 1 month. We waited for 3 months but still we can find our main page only, none other pages. Also its on the 7~10 page visibility.

Once we called that guy, he said, there will be additional charge to work for SEO it will be ~S$400/month. (even higher than the design)

We dont want to work with him any more. So, we checked ourselves with online SEO checks like Google PageSpeed, SeoCentro, GTMetrix etc., Hell, all the results are less than 20/100 points. Its all dump. Full of rubbish inside. They don't even bother about the Search Engine Visibility basics at all. The score should be at-least 70%, which is much safer to be online.

So dont go with the people who promising you less than S$600 and never ever believe the UNLIMITED STORAGE, UNLIMITED EMAILS etc.,

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