Accountability against PDPA
VV CARES | IT Consultant Singapore – is responsible for maintaining and protecting personal information about you in our care or control. We have strong concerns of privacy for compliance with our policies and PDPA acts.

We may (or) may not use outside companies, called third parties, to help us provide the product or service you request. Regardless of the location of these third parties, VV CARES requires these third parties to comply with VV CARES’s Privacy Principles. Certain third parties may be located in the United States and therefore may also be subject to US legislation.

Identifying Process Needs
You have the rights to know how your information will be used. We would required to furnish the needs of details, if the purpose is not already clear. We will assume that the purpose is clearly identified when we use your personal information to:

  • Fulfill your product or service request.
  • Process your payment, including recurring payments when you request them.
  • Update you as to the status of your order.
  • Alert you to important product revisions or updates.
  • Ensure that you are properly registered to receive technical support for certain products.

We use a few variety of Web design technologies on our web site. Among these are cookies, which are partial of information that our web pages requests/provide to your browser(s). Cookies help us to monitor/track overall site usage and determines the process. Cookies also help us to customize/speed’up your visit to our web sites by recognizing you when you visit again. Cookies cannot be used to see any other data on your computer, nor can they determine your e-mail address or identity.

Amendments on our Policies
VV CARES reserves the right to amend the contents of this privacy policy page at any time by may (or) may not (depends the sensitivity) notifying to the clients of the existence of a revised privacy policy.

What is PDPA.? Click here for more info.

Terms & conditions

* Free SSL – This is fully compatible with all the leading web browsers. All our free certs are provided by Let’s Encrypt®. We do help you to generate the certificate for the first time. The Let’s Encrypt® SSL/TLS certs are fully free (as of June 2017) but still you have to make a payment to ‘VV CARES’ for the ‘initial config/Renewal config’ fee for your domain.
Make sure your Website/ Applications are capable to run with 2048 bit SSL communications. The website links are may need to change to SSL layers.