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It's really important and not to overestimate the significance of corporate website designining with competent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consulting for Singaporean firms serious about making an impact in the digital sphere. To help businesses rise in the organic search results and get more visitors to their websites, we VVCARES SINGAPORE offers expert SEO consultancy services . Our skilled personnel are experts in developing unique SEO plans to meet the requirements of each individual organisation.

Partnering with a top Web Designing Agency & SEO consultant in Singapore can give businesses a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. By staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and strategies, we can help you improve your online visibility and outrank competitors. Our expertise in digital marketing and SEO analysis can help you identify areas for improvement and devise effective strategies to optimize your website for better search engine rankings.

Our Featured Services

IT services singapore IT services singapore

Web designing, Web hosting, free Google business page setup, and SEO inbuilt code give you a strong SEO optimised base.

IT services singapore IT services singapore

Your own online invoicing server, Invoices can be sent/downloaded as PDF, & there is a reporting feature with daily reports.

IT services singapore IT services singapore

Boost Your Online Presence Today with our professional SEO team! See your domain in Google/Bing within 2~3 days. Get it FREE by today..!

IT services singapore IT services singapore

Dedicated servers for Web servers, Highly protected shared file server & VPN application server with one time cost. (Dedicated/Shared) CPU/RAM.

IT services singapore IT services singapore

Fully optimized speed of private VPN servers. Access your office servers like Invoicing system, File server, SAP applications etc from your anywhere

IT services singapore IT services singapore

We have extensive experience with database applications such as HRM, accounting, employee management systems, and so on. We manage for you.


About Us

We Are Increasing Business Success With Technology

Since 2011 - our VVCARES team has successfully gained the trust and received excellent reviews from our established clientele in both Singapore and India.
Website designing & Development

Custom office softwares applications

Web hosting / Email services

Database applications


Web Designing, Website SEO Agency, VPN Servers, Online Invoicing System


Get info & Analyse

We get the required information from clients and understand their application needs. So we could deliver the perfect product.



Our team plans the required application with precautions. Always keep an application's security in mind to prevent unauthorised access.



After we get the planning, we execute the custom application locally on our servers.



Finally, we deliver the product to clients for live testing on their servers.

Why Choose Us

We Create Result-Oriented Dynamic Applications

Since 2011 - of working experience in developing custom database software applications and providing remote IT services for clients, we achieved all positive feedback reviews.
IT services singapore

Our team work on new technology

We fit our tasks into the customer's point of view, always design with user friendliness and software security in mind.

IT services singapore

Website designs with permanent SEO

All our web designs consist of Google/Yahoo search-engine-friendly SEO pre-coded for life.

IT services singapore

We manage all your web hosting matters

Our team is always ready to address your requests & fulfil them on time. It consists of any Website, Servers, SEO matters, Email configurations, etc.

IT services singapore