How to change roundcube logo

To change the round cube webmail login page attributes via custom config file..

Actually Roundcube is very flexible to change many things. All the attributes are in the main config file to play over. Here the idea we provide is not to go and change anything on the original config file, but we adding our custom webmail config file together with the original. So,in future if there is any updates, we simply just include this custom file again – That’s it..!

Tricks to change Roundcube webmail title, logo image, footer, user login without domain name specifying

Steps to include custom config file:

  1. Create a new file called ‘’
  2. Include these attributes inside the php file
$rcmail_config['username_domain'] = '%n';
preg_match("/[^\.\/]+\.[^\.\/]+$/", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], $matches);
$rcmail_config['product_name'] = $matches[0];
$rcmail_config['skin_logo'] = '../logo.png';

3. Place this file into the same location of the original config file (Eg: /etc/roundcube/

4. Include this file entry at after the very last line of the roundcube webmail’s

 // end of config file
include '';

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