Wordpress Access Denied

The below suggestions are only if your ADMIN login has issue, but the public site is running normally..

  • Cant Access WordPress Admin WP-ADMIN Error
  • WP-ADMIN access denied
  • WordPress Error Code 403

If you can’t access wordpress admin dashboard of your WordPress CMS, its more often a global of trouble. You won’t be able to make post amendments on your website or restoration any errors. But good thing is there are few ways to find the technical culprit, which able to rectify that may be a hacker has taken manage of your web website online and locked your WordPress CMS Admin.

But you could placed your thoughts relaxed now. This hassle is pretty often and we’ve helped many customers regain get rid of entry to their WordPress admin dashboard.

CHECK 1 – 1st thig 1st :
  • Check your .HTACCESS file entries in all your folders/subfolders everywhere in your WordPress directory.
  • Mostly this issue is due to HTACCESS file contains some unknow entries
  • For Eg : <FilesMatch “.(py|exe|phtml|php|PHP|Php|PHp|pHp|pHP|phP|PhP|php5|suspected)$”>
  • This line instructs to your website to not to execute the php files inside your WordPress admin tasks. So remove the string ‘|php|’
  • RUN this command in your server. This will search in whole your server for .HTACCESS files & remove the string ‘|phtml|php|’
  • grep -rl ‘|phtml|php|’ /home/*/web/*/public_html/ –include ‘*.htaccess*’ | xargs sed -i ‘s/phtml|php|//g’


CHECK 2 – It may be due to your SSL cert failed to authenticate to WP-ADMIN tasks
  • 1. Un-authorized hacker has access to your MySQL database. May broken your admin privileges
  • 2. Try to find your admin user account and rectify the privileges. Follow this : https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-add-an-admin-user-to-the-wordpress-database-via-mysql/
  • 3. If you lost your password, you may use WordPress ADMIN script (https://wordpress.org/support/article/resetting-your-password/)
  • 4. If your site is with Cloud flare DNS & using CF Proxy, you may check the Cloud flare SSL settings
    – Your URL is with CF proxy enables (A record, CNAME, WWW etc.,)
    – Try use CF SSL setting to FULL (Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the server)
    – If u changed any settings here, you need to close the browser & retry after 5 minutes to access your wp-admin.
  • 5. Make sure your web hosting server’s SSL is enables for your hosting site (Some times self signed. Even using Cloud flare’s free SSL, Your local webhosting server’s self signed cert for your website also must be valid and enabled. This is must for many CMS sites)

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