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YES : if you need to get more visitors to your website via online. Actually online presence to make your business to others via a website name, the 1st person who designing your website, they must do it properly with all the basic need of SEO (search engine optimized) related attributes like optimized headers, images, spellings, keywords etc.,

NOT REALLY : As long as, if your site is properly set done as mentioned above, and if your site is just a corporate website with basic informational site only, you NO NEED ANY SEO AGENCIES at all.

As more and more businesses are getting online, there is an increasing demand for digital marketing experts and agencies.

The last few months has seen digital grow at an exponential rate.

While businesses going online is a very good thing, what it has also given birth to extremely worrying.

Before you outsource your digital marketing, ask them these basic questions.

  • Their Client portfolio & references
  • What kind of the services they expertise from Google/Yahoo/Bing/Facebook/LinkedIn etc.,
  • How do you keep up to date with industry changes?
  • Are they keep following the periodic search algorithmic changes by search engines ?

Remember, these are just some of the questions.

Have you had such an experience?

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