Website hacking is nowadays is getting more and more on all around the world, which causing lot of businesses lost their business, due to trustworthiness by clients side gets lost. – as of SUCURI’s report page, [] hacked rate was ~62% in the year of 2019.


  • Poor website coding : Never ever engage with people who offer you the cheapest website designing promises. Mostly all free templates. They simply change the text, image contents as per your requirement and finish the project. That’s it. Basically website coding has lot of backdoor, vulnerably code injection possibilities by basic. The designer should code them properly with vulnerability checks.
  • Poor web hosting company : Bad website hosting companies not following the latest updated server patches. Each and everyday, there were lot of server code injections are finding by millions of spammers. Their intention is to make sure their vulnerability code injection is getting successful on these kind of the cheapest web hosting servers and then use that pattern into the major companies & demand for money.
  • Poor CMS platform configurations : Using CMS designs are easy to have a website. But the designer must do more configuration on behind the scenes but mostly not doing it for clients. Because most of those pass-by designers not known the level of security issues behind the CMS platforms, which must be addressed by experience only.


Don’t worry. That’s we here for you and of course as a paid service. We experienced on this field since the year of 2012. Our team had gone thru many affected sites for our clients and rectified their problems.

HOW WE DO ? [Just find the way of possibilities, but not committed yet]

We need your domain name first. So we will see if there is a way to get the older design [This is FREE of service. You dont need to commit anything with us yet]

As we work with many google search engine related tasks for years, we have some way of technologies to find your older site structure. If google servers still have it, you are lucky at least. We will try to recover it [possibly]

If the above is failed, then no choice, have to do a fresh design. Our website designing starts from S$777 /onward. The price is varies according to the site type [Informational site, Periodic posting site, CMS site, eCommerce site etc]

SO NEXT ? Very simple. Just contact us now via our online contact form. Our team will get back to you soon. Cheers..!

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