Simply a VPN server is a middle-man device between your internal office network-to-Internet. It protect your browsing communication data via called VPN TUNNEL which like water passing thru a pipe, which is not leaked outside.

Effectively, there are few security mechanism involved on VPN servers called SECURITY LAYERS. It consist of data encryption, authentication, End-to-End connection integrity checks, data communication secured with TLS certs, etc.

Finally If your VPN server is in office, you sitting at your home & connecting thru your VPN server, it considered something like, you are working from office. The internet IP of your connection will show as your office ISP IP.

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  • Single device to protect your whole office/home network
  • VPN Server
  • Access your NAS file server from your home, as you sit in office
  • Firewall cum Router featured with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • Web Content Filter
  • DNS/DHCP server
  • Internal proxy support
  • Access your office PCs from anywhere via your own VPN network

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