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Simple Cheque Writer, Check Printing Software

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  • simple check writing software. No additional cheque printer (or) print alignment setups needed. Amount to English texts converter.
  • We set all mentioned banks cheques layouts accordingly. You should just fill in the payee details & etc only. Then just use your normal document printer. Most of the normal big/small printers supported.
  • Try before you Buy. For more info, contact us.
  • Even if you facing any alignment issues, its very simple to set via our software with easy steps.
  • Really saves your admin time in the form of writing without spelling mistakes
  • Really prevents cheque bouncing due to wrong  spellings & wrong date etc.,
  • Avoiding typo errors on writing a cheque manually (i.e)such as writing the word FORTY as FOURTY
  • Show your organisation as professional with systematically written cheque / Check
  • Easily choose the payees from pre-stored names list
  • No need to buy a separate machine just for printing your cheques / Checks
  • Very simple > just few clicks to install & run the software on any windows PCs.
  • One time charge only. No more any hidden costs. S$40 / per computer
  • Buy for 2 computers and get 10% discount (on single invoice)
  • The software is your’s for life
  • No any renewals needed
  • The download link will send to you upon the payment confirmed

Singapore Banks Cheque Writer:

OCBC, UOB, POSB/DBS, ANZ, Bank of India , BEA Bank , BNP Paribas , CIMB, Citi Bank, Commerz Bank , Deutshe Bank , HSBC , ICBC, Indian Bank , Indian Overseas Bank , KEB Hana Bank , May bank , Mizuho Bank , RHB , Standard Charted , SMBC Bank , The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi , UCO Bank.
How To Perform Cheque Printing..?
You can use any printers which mostly supports the mode ‘Custom Page Size’.
Just place the cheque in Portrait direction in the printer tray. For first time users, try with a wasted cheques to make sure the alignments.

Simple Cheque Writer , Cheque Printing Features:

– Automatically converts your amount in numbers to english words
– Accepts up to 9 digits of $$ amount
– Auto choosen by ‘current Date‘. And able to choose any dates with a single click.
– Automatically prints > “A/C Payee Only”
– Automatically prints > Strike off “Or Bearer” with simple option
– Complies with local convention, such as Indian Crore and Lakh replacing Million and Billion in English
– Stores unlimited payees list in the database
– Printer Adjustment option for users to tune the alignment to work with their printers when necessary
– You can print cheques with (or) without date

What this software is about ? (Simple Cheque Writer, Check Writer)

Cheque writer singapore supplier. Its a simple cheque printing (check printing) software, can install on windows PCs and easy to print your bank cheque on your many printers.

Do we need to buy any special printer hardwares from vvcares?
No. We dont sell any printer hardwares. And our software no need any special printers.You can print your cheques on your existing printers / multifunction devices etc.,

Can try your software – instead of buy?
Yes. please download our demo version 1st. Fully functional with limited days.

Is any more print alignment settings do we need to do to print our cheques?
We set all the mentioned bank cheque position alignments inbuilt in our software. You just place the cheque paper on the printer, open our software>fill in the details>Print. (If your printer’s alignment settings are not standard, then the cheque printing may be bit aligned out. So you may need to re’align on the software options, but its very simple )

Is this software can store all the printed cheques details in any form of database or backup files?
No. Currently our system wont store any details yet. But you can store only the PAYEE NAME list details. So you can retrieve for next payment.

Is this software only for printing cheques?
No. Additionally you can use for print your envelopes. You can store all the addressee details also.

Why do i need this software in 1st place?

There are many reasons.
– Professional look about your issued cheque to your client
– Prevent cheque bouncing by wrong dates / spellings / etc?
– Thus, cheque bouncing may cause your the bank’s admin fees, may be the receiver may raise law request against the cheque issuer due to bounced cheques but still you able to prevent those manual errors.
– Furthermore, ist payee names can store and you can retrieve any time. Reduces admin time to writeup repeatedly for same payees. (eg: repeated payments to staffs, clients, etc)
– Please note : We assure, our software will do 100% best fit to reduce your spelling mistakes. But still you MUST verify upon used our software to print your cheques.