Certified Local SEO Company. Best SEO Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (aka SEO / SEM) are the most important factors now for any business's web presence. Any website should have SEO optimized to let search engines understand your contents well. Such Online Marketing strategy could keep any website at the ranked sequence of the search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) for life time.

Simple secrets of SEO to know about..

  • Reviews : Google My Business page reviews and Some 3rd party review snippets could be automatically aggregate within Google search results page (Eg: Trip adviser, Yelp)
  • Ranking by Reviews : Google always shows search results with the Highest Quality Reviews first. So dont work for quantities, but optimize the reviews for Quality
  • Bad Backlinks : Google search console has a beautyful feature 'Disavow backlinks'. Use it to remove bad backlinks with caution.
  • Link Juice : Keep in mind, even you have 1000s of backlinks or 100s of other sites mentioning about your site, Only the 'FOLLOW Links' type of link affirms that your site is legitimate
  • Google My Business : It is recommended to post at-least 3 photos to each section in Google My Business (as of Aug'2019)
  • Directory Listing : There is 'NO' advantage to paying for a directory listing instead of using the free posting option. As long there is a publicly available link should be sufficient
  • Rich Card Snippets : This gives more infirmations to Google to understand easily about any website's contents related to events, products, etc.,
  • Domain Verification : For you kind info, HTML file upload method is the preferred method for verifying a site with Google Search Console
  • Sitemaps : XML sitemap is the most appropriate sitemap format for search engine crawlers. Follow this as must have object
  • Search Ranking : Your webpage's title and description tags should make the long taim keywords / pair of keywords visibly apparent
  • Google PageSpeed : This tool evaluates any public website sites on mobile and desktop platforms, and makes suggestions for improvement. Follow them accordingly for better vision about your coding / designing
  • Keywords : As of SEO's studies for the recent period, the webtraffic from google search engine is came from long-tail keywords. So dont rely only on shorter keywords
  • Heading Titles : A must have feature. No matter is H1 or H2 or etc., As long there is some H tags, is much better. But try to keep onle '1' H1 tags
  • brainstorming : Brainstroming is the very 1st step to start your keyword research task

What is the SEO price in Singapore?

  • Get it from S$400 per month /onwards from us..
  • Periodic search engine visibility stats report (weekly/Monthly)
  • See who visited your site with some meaningfull traces
  • We create new posts/pages on Google business and other online directories