Web Designing Company Singapore, Web Hosting Company, Custom Software Applications, eCommerce websites

Web Designing Company Singapore, Web Hosting Company, Custom Software Applications, eCommerce websites

IS YOUR WEBSITE HACKED !? Website hacking is nowadays is getting more and more on all around the world, which causing lot of businesses lost their business, due to trustworthiness by clients side gets lost. - as of SUCURI's report page, [https://sucuri.net/reports/2019-hacked-website-report] hacked rate was ~62% in the year of 2019. THE MAJOR REASONS : Poor website coding : Never ever engage with people who offer you the cheapest website designing promises. Mostly all free templates. They

YES : if you need to get more visitors to your website via online. Actually online presence to make your business to others via a website name, the 1st person who designing your website, they must do it properly with all the basic need of SEO (search engine optimized) related attributes like optimized headers, images, spellings, keywords etc., NOT REALLY : As long as, if your site is properly set done as mentioned above, and if your site is just a corporate website with basic informational site

How to hiding members page from non logged in users ? Here the simple step to protect your Wordpress BuddyPress member only pages. Add this simple snippet into your theme's 'functions.php' file. That's it.. The below snippet sample will redirect the visitor if the visitor is not logged in & trying to visit the sensitive BuddyPress pages. Will redirect non-logged-in users trying to access private content to your front page or home page //Hide for non-logged-in users (public

Google search Console Warning - data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated 21-Jan- 2020 Structured data schema such as schema.org and data-vocabulary.org are used to define shared meaningful structures for markup-based applications on the Web. With the increasing usage and popularity of schema.org we decided to focus our development on a single SD scheme. SIMPLE & SHORT meaning: - Google stopped to use the data-vocabulary markups [aka RDFa] - So, we need to change our websites to Schema.org

We all stumble upon about cost to build a website was a complete mystery to us at all. there is no such web design price list. Because all the web designs are depends the designer and client's expectations. Would it be $300? $900? $3000? Or even more to need to pay? Shall we know, where to get a website design cost calculator. We should know at-least how much does it cost to build a website for a small business. What is the average cost of website design for small business. Then in the end, how